Not Reported: The ‘Why’ Behind Uganda’s 2023 Anti-LGBT Law

Did you hear about Uganda’s new law prohibiting homosexual actions? It’s one of the most extreme anti-gay laws in the world. For certain cases, such as rape, pedophilia, and knowingly spreading HIV, individuals can face the death penalty. The law also prohibits grooming children. International leaders, World Bank, and mainstream media have all condemned the legislation.

But what’s left out of the story? What caused Uganda to pass this extreme anti-LGBT law?

Lou Massett, our Chief Missions Officer, joins us to discuss Uganda’s anti-LGBT law. We unpack the crimes motivating this legislation, using information from our affiliate in Uganda.

Find out what mainstream media won’t tell you about Uganda’s new law. Listen to this episode today!

This video is not an endorsement of Uganda’s law. HLI does not advocate for the death penalty.



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