Leadership Training

This is how a single mission can impact an entire country.

Backed by pro-lifers like you, missionaries train local leaders to build a pro-life culture in their area.

Priests, doctors, teachers, and other leaders have a huge influence at the local level.

HLI missionaries train individuals from all these groups, with an emphasis on priests. We conduct 60 training events for more than 4,300 seminarians every year.

This life-changing work spans five continents, forming leaders in over 100 countries.

We maximize our donors’ impact by recruiting pro-life advocates from inside the communities we serve. The result is stable, approachable missions with leaders who understand the local needs.

Through them, HLI donors are building a pro-life culture all over the world.

Missions with Staying Power to Tackle Big Problems

Countries like Belarus are so closed to life that even some priests think abortion is ok. Thanks to long-term leadership missions, that is slowly changing.

When a pro-life bishop was appointed in the diocese of Vitebsk, he needed help reforming his priests.

HLI Belarus worked with him to develop a 5-year re-training plan for parish priests, and a seminary program that emphasizes pro-life values.

That’s a big investment, but the impact is worth it.

Today, Vitebsk is transforming little by little. Priests are enthusiastically preaching the pro-life message at home. Through them, Catholics who were raised in an anti-life culture are learning that there is a better way to live.

seminarians in Belarus

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