Pregnancy Care Centers 

There is more to being pro-life than fighting contraception and abortion. We must also meet the needs of women and families at difficult points in their life journeys.  Our mission is to build the Culture of Life through service to others.

HLI funds pregnancy care centers in 25 countries.  Many offer housing for women in need and help them access proper medical care.  We also train mentors for crisis intervention, marriage and family counseling, and even adoption services.

All the help we provide meets local needs and focuses on embracing life and family.

These are their stories.

18 Years Later, HLI Rescue Baby Chooses Life

Generations of love spring from your gift of hope.

Rescuing mothers and children from abortion is more difficult during a pandemic lockdown, but with God’s help, and yours, all things are possible. Your compassion saved Dorina’s life, and she reached out knowing that you can save her baby’s life too. …

Your Compassion Healed Clara’s Family

In Zimbabwe, an unplanned pregnancy broke this family apart. Your love for life brought them together again.

Clara was unwed and pregnant with nowhere to go. Can you imagine how alone she felt? She wanted to undo her mistake and earn her family’s forgiveness, but how? It seemed like abortion was the only way. In Zimbabwean culture, an unwed mother brings great shame on her family. When her parents discovered the pregnancy…

You Saved Fruzina and her Child from Abortion

As economies freeze, your gifts keep love alive. But there is more to do.

Fruzina was in her second trimester when Hungary declared a pandemic lockdown. She and her husband, Károly, were squatting in an empty flat until law enforcement evicted them. The couple was stranded on the streets of …