Pregnancy Care Centers 

There is more to being pro-life than fighting contraception and abortion. We must also meet the needs of women and families at difficult points in their life journeys.  Our mission is to build the Culture of Life through service to others.

HLI funds pregnancy care centers in 25 countries.  Many offer housing for women in need and help them access proper medical care.  We also train mentors for crisis intervention, marriage and family counseling, and even adoption services.

All the help we provide meets local needs and focuses on embracing life and family.

These are their stories.

Two Lives and a Marriage Saved in Malawi!

By HLI Staff | August 19, 2021 |

More mothers threatened with forced abortion still need help. Mary came to HLI Malawi in urgent need of help. Her husband didn’t want any more children. He made Mary use contraceptives, and when those failed, he insisted on abortion. Mary said no. She thought she would rather die than kill her child. But her husband…

Mayelin welcomes new life and heals old wounds

By HLI Staff | July 15, 2021 |

Through HLI Dominican Republic, this mom found a way to keep her baby and change her life. “Even though I thought it was a cluster of cells, I knew something was wrong in my heart, inside me. I could not find the face of the baby, but I cried that day.” It was heartbreaking to…

New Online Mission Saved Baby Hanna’s Life

By HLI Staff | April 29, 2021 |

HLI Hungary Reaches Hundreds of Mothers Monthly through an Abortion Q&A Site Hainalka had a tough decision to make. This young Hungarian woman was pregnant, and the baby’s father had left her. She worked hard in a factory every day to support herself and her year-old daughter, Dori. When the baby came, she would need…

Thank You for Giving Caroline Hope

By Monica Gatsi, Veronica Chawasemerwa | February 26, 2021 |
caroline and her twins, HLI zimbabwe

You helped this family choose life in spite of COVID-19. Everyone was telling Caroline to abort her child. Except you. She and her husband had both lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 shutdown. They didn’t know how they would support the three children they already had. It was not a convenient time to add…