Pregnancy Care Centers 

There is more to being pro-life than fighting contraception and abortion. We must also meet the needs of women and families at difficult points in their life journeys.  Our mission is to build the Culture of Life through service to others.

HLI funds pregnancy care centers in 25 countries.  Many offer housing for women in need and help them access proper medical care.  We also train mentors for crisis intervention, marriage and family counseling, and even adoption services.

All the help we provide meets local needs and focuses on embracing life and family.

These are their stories.

Nurse Trained by HLI Rwanda Reversed Natalie’s Abortion Just in Time

By HLI Staff | April 12, 2022 |

When Natalie was tricked into taking an abortion pill, our pro-life education program saved the day. Natalie looked her dean in the eye and told him the truth: She’d been missing classes because of morning sickness. She and her boyfriend, another student, were expecting a child. In Rwanda, an out-of-wedlock pregnancy is a disgrace. Natalie…

Watch a Video about Pro-life Work in Miami

By HLI Staff | April 5, 2022 |
Video thumbnail image

Our missionary Adriana shares stories about her experiences counseling moms to choose life. Nine years ago, Adriana of HLI Miami got a call she never expected. “Can you help me get an abortion?” Adriana almost dropped the phone. She never thought she’d get that question working at a pro-life center! She did some quick thinking…

HLI Zimbabwe Saved this Child’s Life by Giving His Mother Hope

By HLI Staff | December 21, 2021 |

Thandiwe’s poverty and grief almost cost her child his life. Thank you to all our donors for being there to help her! It was a bit like the conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan woman. Thandiwe was sitting by a well in Zimbabwe. She asked our missionary Veronica for a drink of water. With support…

Unable to Visit, HLI Missionary Sends a Life-Saving Video

By HLI Staff | November 4, 2021 |

When Pastora found herself in a crisis pregnancy, our donors showed her the humanity of her child. Pastora was just a few weeks pregnant and everyone around her was pushing for abortion. Her boyfriend had no interest in being a father. Her mother couldn’t afford to care for her and a baby. Her peers pointed…