Pregnancy Care Centers 

Thousands of children lose their lives to abortion every day. Mothers all over the world feel like it’s their only option. These women need to hear that there are alternatives to ending the life of their child.

With support from pro-lifers like you, HLI missionaries reach out to mothers considering abortion.

First, they show a mom how valuable her child’s life is. Then if she’s struggling with tough circumstances, they find a way to meet her needs.

With help from our donors, HLI missionaries help moms get proper medical care, recover from trauma, reconnect with family, succeed at school, find homes and jobs, and access resources for adoption or parenting.

HLI funds pregnancy care centers in more than 25 countries. All the help we provide meets local needs and focuses on embracing life and family.

Life is Always the Right Choice

Every child has infinite value. That’s why HLI missionaries empower moms to choose life, no matter the circumstances.

Moms like Lisa, who escaped from war-torn Ukraine on foot, seven months pregnant.

When she finally arrived in Poland, her blood pressure was dangerously high. Planned Parenthood would have told her that abortion was her only option.

Thankfully, she wound up at an HLI mission.

Instead of abortion, she got an emergency C-section. Mom and baby both came through ok, and our missionaries set them up with some supplies and a place to stay while Lisa’s husband is fighting at the front.

HLI donors make miracles like this possible every day.

pregnancy care worker in Poland

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