Legal Activism 

In countries with little or no pro-life movement, it’s easy for anti-life groups to bully and bribe their way to legal abortion.

That's why it’s so important for every country to have a pro-life network ready to fight back.

The culture of death has poisoned the laws of more than one hundred pro-life and pro-family nations. First, they corrupt a nation's leaders, then they open it up to abortion, contraception, euthanasia, and other evils.

To counter this top-down push against life and family, HLI works from the bottom up.

Fueled by generous pro-lifers like you, HLI missionaries raise awareness about life and family issues, and organize grassroots support for pro-life policies.

Together, we work to make sure every child’s life is protected by law.

Every Life Has Value. No Exceptions.

We work for the legal protection of every human being, including the pre-born, the disabled, and the elderly.

In 2019, 1,074 pre-born babies were killed in Poland after being diagnosed with fetal diseases or chromosomal disorders such as Down’s syndrome.

Today, children with these conditions are protected by Polish law.

In 2017, HLI donors supported a campaign to protect children with prenatal diagnoses. The petition collected over 830,000 signatures and went all the way to the Polish Supreme Court.

The Polish Constitution is perfectly clear on this point, stating: “the Republic of Poland provides every human being with legal protection of life.” The court took eugenic abortion off the table.

Baby Angelo

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