Chastity Education

Chastity is the key to ending the abortion culture.

Contraception and graphic sex-ed programs create a culture of casual sex. When contraception inevitably fails, people look for abortion.

Young people fall into this trap every day. They need someone to help them to say “no” to the sex-saturated abortion culture, and “yes” to God’s plan for life and family.

With help from pro-lifers like you, HLI missionaries are bringing chastity education to young people on five continents.

They learn how contraception harms the soul and body. That abortion kills a child. And that God has a better plan for sexuality based on selfless love and faithful marriages open to life. With support from HLI donors, kids are learning that chastity is worth it.

Young people who benefit from this program are more likely to live abortion- and contraception-free.

Addressing Abortion’s Root Causes

Where contraception is normal, there will always be a market for abortion. A pro-life culture begins with accepting God’s plan for sexuality.

For a pro-life missionary, a drop in contraceptive use is a great sign. It means marriages are strong. Families are open to life. And young people are taking chastity seriously.

That’s why we were so excited when the 2021 Family Planning Association of Malawi report showed they are losing ground. Population control groups can’t even give away contraceptives in Malawi.

According to their report, it’s because of HLI.

What we’re doing works. With help from generous donors, our pro-life chastity programs can roll back the evil culture infecting much of our world.

Couple in Tanzania

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