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Pro-Life Message Changed Hearts of Teachers at Canossa High School

Theresia is ready to heal her marriage, and have another baby.

On January 12th, Emil Hagamu of HLI Tanzania visited Canossa High School to speak to the teachers.

Last year’s talk was such a success that Sr. Leocardia, the school director, asked Emil to return. She said, “some of my staff became pregnant in the months after Emil’s talk. They realized that being closed to life was against God’s plan.”

The Catholic Message about Life and Family Hit Home

The talk began with a video that follows a baby’s growth in the womb. The women’s faces were filled with awe as they saw the miracle of life unfold before them.

Several teachers at Canossa High School
quit contraception after you sponsored
Emil Hagamu of HLI Tanzania to teach
them about the dignity of marriage.

Images of fetal growth are powerful tools for protecting hearts and minds from pro-abortion propaganda. But in developing countries like Tanzania, not everyone is lucky enough to see one. Thank you so much to our donors for providing this opportunity to Canossa High School!

After the video, they talked about why human life is precious from beginning to end.

But what really changed hearts that day was the discussion about fruitful marriage.

Some of these women had forgotten the meaning of marriage. They and their husbands had chosen to close themselves off from new life. Some were already dealing with marital conflict due to contraception.

Emil reminded them of what it means to be united in self-giving love. He spoke about the privilege of being co-creators with God, and the unique miracle of every human life.

He also revealed the evils of contraception. They learned how it degrades marriage, harms the body, and leads societies to disregard human life.

This Mission Turned Marriages Away from Contraception

After learning the truth about contraception, these women had a different point of view.

They were disgusted that they had embraced an act that brought discord in their marriages. They promised to share what they learned with other women to strengthen their marriages and families.

“Now I understand why the Church condemns contraception. Human life is so precious from the moment of conception until natural death. I will bring this teaching to my home, and later, to our neighbors.”  — Rose

“I want to teach others why contraception is evil, so that no woman will ever turn to contraception and abortion.” — Theresia

Theresia Says “Thank You”

Theresia and her husband have
struggled for years to have
another baby. Thank you for
teaching her about natural family
planning to help her achieve

This seminar also gave these teachers the tools to put their new understanding of fruitful marriage into practice.

Emil taught them how to practice natural family planning according to Church teaching.

Theresia says, “Thank you for sharing the Church’s teaching on natural family planning with me! This knowledge about marriage will help me improve my relationship with my husband. We have been struggling to have another baby.”

Canossa Students Hear the Pro-Life Message

Sr. Leocardia is grateful to our donors for helping her form teachers that will tell students the truth about human life, sexuality, and marriage.

To get them off to a good start, Emil returned a week later to speak to the 5th, 6th, and 7th grades about chastity.

350 students saw a baby grow in the womb. They learned about God’s plan for human sexuality and pledged to live chastely.

Thanks to all our donors for helping the staff and students at Canossa High School be a force for good in the battle for life and family! You are keeping communities all over the world pro-life.

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