HLI Missionary Attacked for Supporting Pro-Life Candidates

Unfazed, Fr. Opio of HLI Uganda prepares to launch a chastity education bill in Parliament.

As Fr. Opio unlocked his car, a rock sailed past his head and smashed the windshield.

The thug accused him of foiling the re-election of Monica Amoding to the Ugandan parliament. Then he ran off.

A bystander told Fr. Opio that the thug had also sabotaged his tires. He and his team would not be able to get home from their mission event that night. They thanked God that no one was hurt and found a place to stay.

Fr. Opio Stands Up to Population Controllers

Fr. Opio does not know the man who threw the rock, but he can guess who sent him. He often gets threats from population control groups like Marie Stopes Int. and Planned Parenthood.

Monica Amoding was one of their candidates. She supports abortion, contraception, and harmful sex-ed programs in the name of “gender equality.” Through corrupt leaders like her, population control groups buy out developing nations. These leaders sacrifice their country’s children for western money.

Fr. Opio supported pro-life candidate Christine Apolot against Amoding. The effort succeeded. Apolot will take office at the end of this term and join the fight to protect Uganda’s children!

And she is not the only one. Aided by prayers and gifts from our many supporters, Fr. Opio helped eight pro-life candidates win elections this year.

HlI Uganda Blocked a Harmful Sex-Ed Bill

With help from our supporters, Fr. Opio can give these candidates an edge. He helps them speak effectively to the pro-life base and gets them radio time so they can reach more people.

After elections, he helps Uganda’s pro-life leaders find the best strategies to protect their country.

This work has already born great fruit.

Back in 2016, Fr. Opio worked with these leaders to stop a harmful sex-ed bill. If it had passed, schoolkids in Uganda would be subjected to a program that promotes casual sex, homosexuality, contraception, and abortion.

New Chastity-Ed Bill can Ensure a Pro-Life Future for Uganda

This year, the goal is to take this impact even further. Fr. Opio and his friends are planning to introduce a chastity-based education bill that promotes Church teaching.

Please pray for this bill’s success!

The future of Uganda depends on what its young people are taught today. That’s why the culture of death is fighting so hard for value-free sex-ed.

We beat them once. Now HLI Uganda is fighting for a bill that will teach youth the dignity of human life and help them grow in virtue.

This is the strategy that will build the Culture of Life in Uganda long-term. Our donors are helping young people live chastely. With chastity, they can become faithful spouses, responsible parents, and pro-life voters.

That’s an impact that lasts for generations.

Fr. Opio Needs Your Prayers

Thanks to your support, threats and violence can’t stop Fr. Opio (center) from protecting Uganda’s children from the culture of death.

Our supporters make Fr. Opio’s work possible through funding, but also through prayer. Please join our community in praying for Fr. Opio. You can empower him to preach the Gospel of Life no matter how the Evil One tries to stop him.

His car is up and running again, and the mission continues at full speed.

Fr. Opio has not backed down an inch since the attack. He says, “It’s just a part of the mission.” And nothing could be more important than protecting children from the culture of death.

Fr. Opio thinks he will likely be attacked again. Please pray for his safety, and for the success of this life-saving work.

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