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Two Lives and a Marriage Saved in Malawi!

More mothers threatened with forced abortion still need help.

Mary came to HLI Malawi in urgent need of help.

Her husband didn’t want any more children. He made Mary use contraceptives, and when those failed, he insisted on abortion.

Mary said no. She thought she would rather die than kill her child. But her husband promised to force her onto the operating table if she wouldn’t change her mind.

HLI Malawi was the only chance she saw to save her child’s life. If we couldn’t help her, she planned to kill herself. At least that way she and her baby could die together.

Our Mission Stops the Cycle of Contraception and Abortion

Mary’s story reflects the heartbreaking reality of abortion and contraception in the developing world.

Abortion advocates claim that abortion is a “free choice.” But in countries like Malawi loving mothers are often forced into abortions they don’t want.

They also claim that contraception will prevent abortion. But, as Mary learned, it doesn’t work that way. Contraceptives fail, and abortion follows.

Fr. Zikomankhani of HLI Malawi was so glad that she came and sought help. He knew of four other women in similar situations who committed suicide that month.

Putting this Family Back Together

With support from our donors, Fr. Z gave Mary the help she needed to save her child’s life.

Mary says, “Thank you!” for helping her save her daughter and heal her marriage.

First, he taught her that suicide is never an option. God values her life as well as her child’s and she must do what she can to protect them both.

Then he found a place for Mary to live and work in the north of Malawi. She would be safe from her husband there.

That was enough to save the child’s life, and Mary’s. But Fr. Z knew his work wasn’t done yet. There was still a marriage in shambles and a soul in danger because of contraception.

He set to work changing Mary’s husband’s heart toward his wife and child.

Helping someone accept God’s view of life and family isn’t always easy. But thanks to our donors’ unfailing support, our missionaries can put in the effort.

With time and loving correction, Mary’s husband came around.

Together, We Can Heal the Culture Like we Healed this Family

Meanwhile, Mary gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!

When her husband asked for her forgiveness, she gave it and agreed to come home. Now her family is reunited, and her marriage is open to life.

Gifts from our supporters saved this marriage, and this little girl’s life. We cannot thank them enough for the difference they made to Mary’s family!

But this life-saving work is not done yet. Malawian mothers are still threatened with forced abortions.

We need your help to protect those in danger. And most of all we need your help to stop the cycle of perverse sex-ed, contraception, and abortion in Malawian culture.

This may seem like a lofty goal. But with your support in funding and in prayer, it can become a reality.

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