After-the-Fact Impact: Pro-life Conferences at Work

Asel’s work in Namibia shows that the impact reaches way beyond event-day.

Have you ever wondered what happens after a conference?

Large crowds and rousing talks are all well and good. But did someone’s life change?

If everyone went back to business as usual, we would not spend another dime of our donors’ hard-earned money on conferences.

But the reality is very different.

These conferences change hearts, minds, and lives. The people who come leave empowered to transform the world. And transform it they do.

Bringing the Message Beyond the Lecture Hall

Asel was just one of the hundreds who attended the Asia Pacific Conference in January, 2020.

The talks inspired her and deepened her knowledge of Catholic teaching, especially on contraception. Though Asel was a Protestant, what she learned rang true.

African baby girl sitting on the grass

Meet Rafaela! Asel saved her from abortion after attending an HLI conference.

She told her husband all about it. They both felt that this teaching is so important, it had to be shared. When they got stuck in Namibia during the lockdowns, they decided to start spreading the word right there.

Together they traveled to Protestant parishes preaching the truth about contraception. Many of the people who came to listen had never heard this teaching before. Their work has freed dozens of marriages from contraception.

And in the process, they also rescued children from abortion.

Asel’s Mission Work Saves Lives

Just last month, a young woman who heard about their pro-life ministry asked them for help. She wanted to give life to her baby, but she couldn’t feed herself and her family.

Asel and her husband were happy to help. They are keeping mother and baby healthy by sending food to the family.

This is the third baby Asel has saved from abortion since attending that conference. The first, baby Mercy, is a year old now.

As Asel’s story shows, when our donors fund a conference their message doesn’t stay shut up in a lecture hall. Years after an event, people like Asel are out there spreading the Word and saving lives.

Blessed with the Gift of Conversion

The Asia Pacific Conference empowered Asel and her husband to change the world around them. And it also sparked a spiritual change in their own hearts.

Asel receiving the sacrament of baptism

Asel joined the Catholic Church this year. HLI helped her on her conversion journey by connecting her with Catholic friends at the Asia Pacific Conference.

They saw the richness of Catholic teaching on life and family. They befriended some of our missionaries. And the Holy Spirit used this to lead them on a path to conversion.

Earlier this year Asel’s husband returned to the Church, and Asel became a Catholic as well.

Please join us in thanking God for Asel’s conversion, and for all her amazing mission work.

And thank you, HLI donors, for making change possible by sponsoring the events that empower pro-lifers like Asel.

HLI staff writers bring you stories from the mission field and the latest information on life and family issues. All HLI articles are true to Catholic teaching.

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