Pro-life Training is Beating Population Control in Malawi

Thanks to HLI’s mission, contraceptive use drops despite millions spent promoting it.

Our donors’ work in Malawi is so effective that the anti-lifers are getting worried.

The Family Planning Association of Malawi just published a report that shows they are losing ground.

They’ve spent millions promoting contraception. It’s available and free all over the country. They’re even pushing it in schools.

But despite all their efforts, contraceptive use in Malawi is falling.

According to their report, it’s because of HLI’s mission.

Education Changes Culture

Our missionaries have spent years planting seeds of truth all over Malawi. Now that work is bearing fruit.

Thanks to our donors, Malawians can learn the truth about sexuality and family on TV and radio. We’re also teaching in churches, classrooms, and one-on-one ministry.

The anti-life message is out there too. But when Malawians compare both messages to what they see in their world, it’s easy to tell truth from lies.

Before the anti-lifers brought contraception, there was almost no breast cancer or cervical cancer. Now most Malawians know someone who suffers from a contraception-related illness.

They can also see that it has made families smaller and weaker. It causes marriages to suffer, and children to stray from the chaste life their parents want for them. And in the end, it creates a market for abortion.

The Pro-life Mission Can Heal an Anti-Life World

HLI Malawi helps families stay open to life.

We publish stories every month about how our missionaries helped families welcome children and open their marriages to life. These are not just isolated cases. They are a part of a culture change that you are powering.

Sometimes it can feel like all we’re doing is slowing down the destruction of Christian values. But through our donors’ investment in pro-life education, we are turning things around.

Malawi started to heal more quickly than some countries because anti-lifers have a loose grip there. Contraception is fairly new. Abortion is available, but far from normal.

Some cultures will be more challenging. The anti-life mentality has stuck its claws deeply into many western countries.

That doesn’t mean they’re beyond our help. It means they’re going to need even more of the same medicine that is healing Malawi.

What this Trend Says About the Future

For a pro-life missionary, a drop in contraceptive use is a great sign. It means marriages are strong. Families are open to life. Young people are taking chastity seriously.

It also tells us something very important: what we’re doing works. The pro-life programs our donors provide can roll back the evil culture that has infected much of our world.

As you know, cultural change is a long process. It wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated donors who continue to support the pro-life mission.

With their help, we can keep gaining ground in places like Malawi. And in more deeply wounded places we can slow, stop, and reverse the trends that are destroying lives and families.

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