HLI Zimbabwe Saved this Child’s Life by Giving His Mother Hope

Thandiwe’s poverty and grief almost cost her child his life. Thank you to all our donors for being there to help her!

It was a bit like the conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan woman.

Thandiwe was sitting by a well in Zimbabwe. She asked our missionary Veronica for a drink of water. With support from our donors, Veronica was able to give her water to drink, as well as living water for her soul.

This Grieving Mother Had Lost Hope

Thandiwe thought she had to have an abortion. Our donors’ kindness and love showed her that she could choose life.

Veronica could see that Thandiwe was pregnant. She asked how she and the baby were doing, and Thandiwe poured out her heart to her.

Her husband had died six months ago. She had a six-year-old and a two-year-old at home, and no money coming in. She could earn a little through odd jobs, but it wasn’t enough.

Thandiwe was wondering if it would be kinder to the child in her womb if she just got an abortion.

In her grief, she had lost hope for herself and her child. Veronica saved that baby’s life by helping hope to grow in her heart again.

A Little Kindness Saved this Child’s Life

HLI missionary Veronica (left) is helping Thandiwe care for herself, her family, and her pre-born child.

Veronica told her how dear her child is to God, and what a mistake it would be to throw that life away. An abortion would bring her even more sorrow than she was already feeling.

Because God cares so much, Veronica said, He would ask someone to help Thandiwe. In fact, He had already done that before her trouble started.

Veronica helped Thandiwe get maternity care. Now she will be able to have a safe pregnancy and deliver her child in a hospital. She also gave her baby clothes and supplies that she will need in a few weeks. God brought her to us just in time.

Thandiwe still needs a job so she can support her family. It’s hard to start a new job when you’re just about to have a baby, so Veronica is looking after her for a while. Please pray for a safe delivery, and a good job for Thandiwe.

Thank You, HLI Donors, for Giving Thandiwe Hope!

Beyond caring for her materially, Veronica gave Thandiwe some much-needed spiritual guidance.

She was crushed and hopeless after her husband’s death. But with our donors’ support Veronica was able to spend time comforting and counseling her.

Thanks to the love Veronica showed her, Thandiwe could look past her grief and love her child. This little boy or girl owes his life to the pro-life mission our donors make possible.

And his mother can find joy and peace. Instead of grieving two deaths, Thandiwe is honoring her husband by embracing the life they created together.

Our donors helped Thandiwe renew her hope, trust in God, and accept her child as a gift. Thank you so much to each of them for their life-saving love and generosity.

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