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New Liaison to the Organization of American States Steps Up to Keep Latin America Pro-Life

The Mexican Supreme Court just caved to anti-lifers. We’re stepping in to help at the International Level.

Did you hear about the tragedy in Mexico?

The Supreme Court recently made a fatal pro-abortion decision similar to Roe v. Wade. The legal details are different, but the bogus reasoning is similar.

Like Roe, this decision claims that it is unconstitutional to ban abortion in Mexico.

Responding to the Crisis

Starting now, Luis Martinez is making the voices of the pre-born heard at the OAS. He’s a lawyer who’s spent years defending life in South America.

Pro-abortion groups are getting ready to overturn local pro-life laws as quickly as possible.

Our missionaries are on the ground steering moms away from abortion and building support for pro-life laws. That’s the bottom-up grassroots strategy that is saving so many lives and souls with your help.

But right now there is an urgent need to relieve the pressure coming from the top.

The anti-lifers play a top-down game. International bodies and NGOs put pressure on national and local governments. And it’s not just Mexico: the same force is pushing down on other Latin American countries.

To relieve the pressure, we are sending a representative to the Organization of American States.

With our donors’ support and prayers, missionary Luis Martinez will be fighting back at the international level.

What We can Achieve through the OAS

1) Stop more Latin American countries from caving-in to pro-abortion pressure

2) Help grassroots missionaries in Mexico change the law so pre-born children are protected

The Organization of American States is something like the EU. It is influential in Central and South America.

Keeping OAS policies pro-life, or at least neutral, will let pro-life grassroots efforts flourish more easily. Setbacks like this tragic court decision happen when foreign anti-life influence is strong.

The good news is that’s still an achievable goal. The OAS hasn’t completely sold out to anti-life interests.

South America is largely Catholic, and most leaders are not comfortable with the “progressive” agenda. But under financial and political pressure, some will compromise their morals. The new abortion law in Mexico is one example.

Please pray for our mission as we join the fight for life in the OAS.

The Right Man for the Job

Luis Martinez is ready to do amazing work in the OAS.

He is a smart lawyer with a strong background in pro-life mission work. Luis knows the ins and outs of the OAS as well as anyone.

Please pray for him as he fights to protect the pre-born at the international level.

This work is only possible because of the generous support of our donors. Thank you.

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