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Our missionary Adriana shares stories about her experiences counseling moms to choose life.

Nine years ago, Adriana of HLI Miami got a call she never expected.

“Can you help me get an abortion?”

Adriana almost dropped the phone. She never thought she’d get that question working at a pro-life center!

She did some quick thinking and made a plan to meet the young mother in town. From there, she brought her to the local Respect Life office for an ultrasound.

God had sent her an opportunity to save a soul and a life. Next time that happened, she wanted to be better prepared. Our donors made that possible through their support for HLI Miami.

HLI donors sponsored Adriana to learn to counsel moms seeking abortion or suffering from abortion trauma. Now she knows what to say to give every baby the best chance at life and save the mother from a lifetime of regret and pain.

Hear Adriana Speak about this Pro-life Work

We recently interviewed Adriana to help you get to know her and the impact you can make through HLI Miami (called Vida Humana Internacional in the Hispanic community).

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To watch this video, click here.

You’ll hear her tell stories about lives saved, and spiritual growth along the way.

Pro-lifers like you are Saving Lives and Souls in Miami

What started with one surprise phone call has grown into a major part of pro-life ministry at HLI Miami. God is using this pro-life center to bring His love to moms seeking abortion.

His providence combined with donor support makes a big difference to a pre-born child.

Now Adriana gets up to 43 calls like this every month, many of them after hours. She has them sent to her cell phone so when God sends her a chance to save a life, she won’t miss it.

Adriana prays with them, takes them to an ultrasound, and helps them move past their fear. With the right guidance, many moms change their minds and choose life. But sadly, some still choose abortion.

Even then, we don’t stop bringing God’s love to them. With support from pro-lifers like you, Adriana also provides post-abortion counseling.

After an abortion it’s too late to save the child’s life, but you can still save the mother’s soul.

When a mom chooses abortion, Adriana always asks her to come back to HLI afterward. When the pain and guilt set in, she will need help. And thanks to our donors, Adriana knows how to provide it.

You can listen to the full interview here to find out more about what this healing process is like.


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