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Idaho Abortion Case: Rachael and Kadyn Swainston

Pro-Life Rescuers Face Years in Prison

Idaho mother and son, Rachael and Kadyn Swainston, are being charged with second-degree kidnapping after they allegedly took an underaged girl to Oregon to obtain an abortion. An Idaho abortion would have been complicated. Idaho has abortion bans in place, as well as a law that prohibits taking minors across state lines for an abortion without the parents’ consent.

The pair allegedly did so without the girl’s parents’ knowledge or consent. The girl’s mother had reported to police that the girl had been sexually assaulted. This report led to the investigation into Rachael and Kadyn. The girl took part in a forensic interview on August 2nd. She reported that the sexual relationship with Kadyn was consensual and began when she was 15 and Kadyn 17. The relationship continued even after Kadyn turned 18 and the girl was still a minor. It was around this time that she became pregnant.

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The girl said she was happy to be pregnant. But Kadyn had different ideas. Police reported that he demanded she get an abortion. He threatened to leave the relationship if the girl gave birth. He also said he would not pay child support. Rachael, Kadyn’s mother, sided with him. The girl initially said she was afraid to tell her parents about the pregnancy and abortion, fearing that Kadyn may get in trouble.

But when she chose to tell them, Rachael allegedly threatened the girl, saying they would kick her out of the house if she told her parents. She told the girl that Kadyn would get in legal trouble since he was 18 and she was a minor. The girl said that Rachael was the one who arranged the abortion.

Sadly, the girl did end up getting the abortion in Oregon in May, allegedly being pressured and threatened by those who were supposed to be her biggest supporters. Rachael denies having pressured the girl, saying the decision was consensual between Kadyn and the girl.

Rachael is facing drug charges. Police found more than 40 grams of meth in her bedroom. Kadyn is being charged with rape and three counts of producing explicit material of a child (police found pictures of Kadyn and the girl from after Kadyn turned 18).

Both Rachael and Kadyn Swainston are facing second-degree kidnapping charges.

Police had also arrested a man, Rick A. Parsons, Jr., who was living in the Swainstons’ storage shed. Parsons had an outstanding felony warrant for drug trafficking charges. If convicted on the drug charge, Rachael faces life in prison at maximum. If convicted of her other charges, she faces an additional 44 years and up to $130,000 in fines. Kadyn also faces up to life imprisonment if convicted of rape, as well as a maximum of 115 years and up to $200,000 for his other charges.

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The Swainstons were released on their own recognizance (a form of bail) on October 27th.

Rachael Swainston waived her right to a speedy trial, and her preliminary hearing is set for December 5th.

All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Let us continue to pray that the truth comes out, and that true justice reigns at the end of this difficult case.

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