HLI’s Adoption Program Brings Hope

Dr. Imre Téglásy, Director of HLI Hungary, is an abortion survivor. His father was a major in WWII. When communism took over Hungary, Imre’s family was kicked out of Budapest and pushed into the plains (puszta) of Hungary, registered as “class enemies.” They were not allowed to leave the puszta. His father struggled to find a job and the family was starving. Imre’s mother became pregnant with him, and against the wishes of his father, she decided to abort Imre. She tried multiple times in multiple ways to force an abortion – including using pills – but Imre survived.

Dr. Imre and Judge Andras speak in front of a Hungarian government building

With the support of HLI’s generous donors, Dr. Imre and Judge András defended baby Attila’s life in the Hungarian court system.

Now, Imre is helping other children like him, including by working with HLI’s adoption program.

Imre helped a young woman, Hanna, find a loving home for her baby. Hanna had become pregnant while on birth control pills. She and her husband already had three children, and they survived off of odd jobs. She did not think they would be able to care for a fourth child when their resources were already spread so thinly. It was heartbreaking for Hanna as both her and her husband loved their unborn child but knew that their circumstances were not suitable for the child.

Additionally, Imre reported that “Hungarian laws usually do not even allow for a newborn to be placed in hopelessly abject poverty. The little ones are placed with foster parents in justified cases, overriding the wishes of the biological parents, with the cooperation of the hospital nurses and the child protection authority, where these little ones are provided with temporary care.” Thus, Hanna and her husband wanted to ensure that the child was put in a good home.

And HLI’s adoption program already knew who the perfect fit would be – singers Tibor and Júlia, who had adopted before. They had had bad experiences with previous adoption agencies and came to HLI’s adoption program in the hopes of adopting another little one. Tibor and Júlia are now the proud parents of beautiful baby Zsófi!

HLI Hungary volunteers putting together Christmas charity boxes

HLI Hungary volunteers putting together Christmas charity boxes

Another story of hope comes as the child of a village family, Vicky, eloped with her boyfriend to Budapest. She disappeared without her parents knowing, who sought for her with the assistance of police. They found no trace of her. It was only a few years later they received word from her. She was pregnant by the boyfriend she had eloped with.

But the boyfriend abandoned Vicky. When he found out she was pregnant, he left her, proving he had only taken advantage of her. So now, Vicky was alone, unemployed and pregnant. But God showered her with blessings.

Vicky had just described her situation to the nurse monitoring her pregnancy. Ildikó, a volunteer for HLI Hungary, knocked on the door just then. He brought leaflets describing HLI Hungary’s activities to the nurse, and Imola, another volunteer, came with prenatal vitamins, leaflets, pregnancy tests, and a fetal model. Vicky was touched by this encounter, and a few days later, met with Imola again. She wanted to know more about the open adoption program, and Imola was more than happy to oblige. Vicky felt she had no choice in her situation and wanted to choose adoption for her little one. Imola walked Vicky through the program throughout her pregnancy, ensuring that she had clothing and food. And finally, hand-in-hand with Imola, Vicky gave birth to little Miklós.

Imola and Gergő adopted baby Miklós, thanking God for His many blessings. And God blessed Vicky not only with a beautiful son who will be raised in a loving household, but also with a close friendship with Imola.

hli hungary pro life adoption program volunteers

HLI Hungary’s adoption program volunteers pose with their Christmas charity boxes

God bless Dr. Imre Téglásy and his team for their work!

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