HLI Nigeria Helps 8 Couples Get Married

HLI Nigeria has just helped 8 couples at St. James Chaplaincy Ndiorah practice chastity and get married. These 8 couples had been cohabiting; some even had cohabitated for more than 17 years! HLI Nigeria offered marriage preparatory materials to these couples, who then lived apart while going through marriage prep. The program culminated in the wedding Mass for these couples on December 16 with a reception following.

8 cohabiting couples in nigeria got married

The 8 couples who had cohabitated were helped by HLI Nigeria to embrace chastity and get married.

Thanks to our generous donors, HLI Nigeria was able to support the 8 couples and help them live a life of chastity and to embrace the sanctity of marriage.

And the fight to protect and strengthen marriage is taking place in India, as well. Our affiliate in India reported that the Family Life Office of the Karwar diocese has created a program to support married couples. This program goes beyond marriage prep and would enrich marriage “…at 3 different stages.”

The Family Commission aims to attend the weddings whenever possible. The Commission also sends the couples cards for their wedding, Christmas, and New Year’s, assuring them of their prayers, and including the mobile number of the secretary and coordinators. The couples are encouraged to contact the secretary and coordinators at any point when they experience marital conflicts, crises, or are facing difficult times or are suffering. In this way, the couples will never be alone in their strife.

We can find great hope in these efforts. With your help, HLI can continue to support marriage and families all around the world.

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  1. Joseph McCafferty on February 28, 2024 at 9:07 PM

    Congratulations HLI on the marriage prep for 8 couples in Nigeria. I don’t know much about your organization yet but I’m interested to learn as it seems you’re doing good work in various places around the world.

    God’s blessings.

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