Natural Family Planning 

To build stronger marriages and to break the bonds of contraception and its deadly mentality, HLI provides workshops, seminars, and training programs on Church teaching regarding marriage, family life, and human sexuality.

Married love differs from all other loves and must always be open to the transmission of life. In our natural family planning workshops and training programs, spouses learn about the beauty of God’s plan for human sexuality and their fertility.

To support spouses in fulfilling their vocation, HLI trains priests, religious men and women, and married couples on how to transmit to others the beauty of Church teaching on conjugal love.

As a result of HLI’s efforts and commitment to teaching NFP, many marriages have been enriched and even saved. Moreover, many of those we have trained have passed on the good news of NFP by becoming trainers themselves.


You Helped Grace Save her Friend Rosaline’s Life!

Contraception destroys lives. In Tanzania, you are rebuilding them one by one.

Rosaline had no idea she had a Norplant rod lodged in her heart. She silently endured high blood pressure, chronic bleeding, and stabbing pains. Meanwhile, the rod came closer and closer to tearing through a vein and ending …