Pro-Life Activism 

The culture of death has poisoned the laws of more than one hundred pro-life and pro-family nations. First, they corrupt all the sources of influence in a nation, then they open it up to abortion, contraception, euthanasia, and other evils.

To counter this top-down push against life and family, HLI works from the bottom up. We help the Church and the family pass on moral and religious values to the next generation. Then they can help us build a Culture of Life and Love.

Some of our activities include:

  • Pro-life rallies and marches around the globe
  • Pro-life Masses at our training events
  • Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC). This allows us to work with pro-life countries and NGOs at the UN
  • Working with the Organization of American States (OAS)


Congratulations on Your Landmark Victory in Poland!

Thanks to you, Polish children with life-threatening illnesses will get care, not abortion.

This October, the Polish Supreme Court declared eugenic abortion illegal! Last year, 1,074 pre-born babies were killed in Poland after being diagnosed with diseases such as Down’s syndrome. Now, thanks to you, children like them are protected…

You Blocked Abortion-on-Demand in Kenya!

When you give, life wins. 100 more countries still need your help.

This summer, you brought Kenyan pro-lifers together to flatten a bill that would have legalized abortion on demand. Over the years, your generous support raised a firm foundation of respect for life in Kenya. Planned Parenthood Global took a swing…