HLI Tanzania Helped this Father Raise a Pro-Life Family

Now Paschal wants to share the Gospel of Life with his whole village.

At an event our donors sponsored, Paschal made a promise that would change his life forever.

This was the first time he learned about the population control movement.

Emil Hagamu of HLI Tanzania came to Paschal’s village. He showed the community they had been tricked.

Paschal’s Pro-Life Conversion

Paschal and his neighbors believed that contraception and abortion made families stronger. Anti-life groups taught them that “family planning” would bring health, prosperity, and peaceful marriages.

The truth is exactly the opposite.

Contraception and abortion injure the mother’s health and kill her child. These evils degrade the respect between husband and wife. And as for prosperity, all they do is turn large poor families into small poor families.

The real motive behind the “family planning” push is simple: fewer Africans.

When Paschal learned this, it turned his world upside down.

He realized he’d fallen right into their hands. But it’s never too late to change. He vowed to always keep his marriage open to life, and to teach his children the truth about life and family.

One Pro-Life Family Changed a Village

With support from you, Paschal is on a mission to turn his whole village pro-life. Here he holds his youngest, Emmanuela.

Years later, he is still following through on his promise.

God blessed him and his wife with five daughters: Hyasinta, Jenirosa, Augusta, Ritha, and Emmanuela.

Paschal attends pro-life training events to deepen his knowledge every chance he gets. He is teaching his daughters to live chastely, and respect life at all stages.

These young ladies are growing up firmly grounded in the Truth. But Paschal wants to give them even more. He wants them to live in a culture that values life and family.

That’s why Paschal is bringing his pro-life ministry beyond his home and into the community.

In his spare time, he puts on radio shows to share the Gospel of Life with his neighbors. Using HLI training materials and the witness of his own life, Paschal is turning more families pro-life, breaking the shackles of the population control industry.

Paschal Dreams of Becoming a Full-Time Missionary

Thanks to all our donors for sparking this change in Paschal’s heart!

Only God knows what might have happened to his soul and to his family if generous pro-lifers hadn’t shown him the truth about contraception and abortion.

But because they answered His call to share the Gospel of Life, Paschal is on fire with the pro-life spirit!

Ritha is growing up chaste and pro-life, thanks to the training you gave her father, Paschal.

“I thank God that you have empowered me to help people embrace the Culture of Life. I want to be a pro-life missionary full-time. My heart is bleeding when I see innocent children ripped from their mothers’ wombs.”

Right now, there isn’t funding to bring Paschal on as a full-time missionary. But with your support this can become a reality!

Please pray for Paschal’s work, and for all those who are taken in by anti-life propaganda. With your prayers and support, everyone can break free from the lies and join us in the Culture of Life!

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