Unexpected Visitor to Bioethics Library Makes a Powerful Impact

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Armed with information, this ambulance driver is bringing the Gospel of Life to his hospital coworkers.

Michele was an unusual visitor to the HLI Bioethics Library in Rome.

The library primarily serves priests, seminarians, religious, and future professors. Through it, they find the resources they need to defend human dignity in the academic sphere.

Michele is different. He works as an ambulance driver and will likely never teach at a college or write for an academic journal. He sought out the bioethics library for another reason.

Michele Saw a Chance to Change Hearts at his Work

Michele learned Catholic teaching on life issues so he can share it with his hospital coworkers. Thank you for supporting the Bioethics Library!

Healthcare can work as a tool for respecting and preserving human life and dignity. Or it can work as a weapon to destroy it.

Michele and his coworkers at the hospital serve on the front lines of many ethical battles.

As evils like abortion, euthanasia, and IVF are legalized, health workers face new dilemmas. And they don’t always come up with the right answers.

The hospital employees often talk to each other about their views on these difficult cases. Michele would always try to defend Church teaching on human life and dignity. But he wasn’t as effective as he wanted to be.

Then some of his pro-life friends told him about your bioethics library.

Michele Learned how to Share the Gospel of Life With his Coworkers

Michele wanted to learn Catholic teaching on bioethics so he could bring it back to his workplace. The library gave him the resources and guidance he needed to do it.

Our missionaries helped Michele choose the most helpful texts from your extensive collection. Books and journals on bioethics are expensive and hard to find. But thanks to our generous donors, Michele was able to deepen his knowledge.

Michele may not be the one choosing life or death for a patient, but he works closely with those who do. Now he is a well-informed pro-life witness ready to speak the truth to dozens of doctors and nurses.

Thank You, HLI Donors, for Making Bioethical Teaching Accessible!

We asked Michele why he was taking the time to learn about bioethics. He said, “because everyone must be aware of the truth contained in the Catholic faith in every area of daily life.”

Through the bioethics library, our donors are tearing down anti-life lies and putting the Truth in their place. The priests, seminarians, religious, and laypeople they’ve trained are spreading the Gospel of Life around the world.

Without their generosity, this extensive collection of bioethical works would not exist. They make it possible for hundreds of people a year to defend human dignity on an intellectual level.

Thank you!

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