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This Romanian Abortionist Converted into a Pro-Life Leader!

With support from HLI, Alyona is helping her family and community respect life.

Talking to Alyona now, it’s hard to imagine that she used to be an abortionist.

Before she found HLI Ukraine, she spent 20 years ending pre-born lives. But when our missionaries taught her the value of every human life, she knew she could never abort another child.

After that, Alyona stopped performing abortions, returned to the Church, and became a pro-life OBGYN.

But soon she faced a fierce test of faith.

HLI Ukraine Helped this Family Say “No” to IVF

Alyona was an abortionist for 20 years before HLI Ukraine taught her the Gospel of Life. Now she is a pro-life OBGYN!

Alyona’s son and daughter-in-law were told they could never have children. They were devastated and so was she.

They asked Alyona to refer them for in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Alyona was tempted to say “yes.” She wanted more than anything to be a grandmother. But our missionaries had shown her the whole picture of human dignity. She knew that IVF violates the sanctity of marriage and human life.

She convinced them to try natural family planning instead and trust God.

God rewarded this family’s faith in Him with a healthy baby girl! Alyona is so grateful that she learned the truth in time to keep her son from making a terrible mistake.

Now Alyona Works to Save Lives

This intervention helped save Alyona’s soul and protected her family from the evils of IVF. But the effect it’s had on the whole community through her goes much further than that.

Healthcare workers like Alyona are key players in the abortion industry. A woman’s doctor often has a great influence over her decision to keep her child or end his life. Alyona used to recommend abortion to frightened mothers in difficult situations. Too often, they took her advice.

Now Alyona never tells a woman she “needs” an abortion. She shows all her patients a path to motherhood or adoption. With Alyona in their corner believing in them and guiding them, many mothers find the courage to choose life.

If it hadn’t been for our donors, many of these little lives would be lost. And the other doctors in Alyona’s town could not learn from her example.

HLI Missions Make a Lasting Impact by Training Leaders

Abortion has been the “go-to” response to crisis pregnancy in Ukraine since the Soviet era. It does not occur to many doctors that abortion might be wrong, or not needed.

Alyona’s conversion is forcing her colleagues to confront many moral questions. And she is proving that you don’t need abortion, contraception, or IVF to provide great care to women.

Her new methods got a lot of push-back from other doctors. But Alyona stuck with it, and her example is inspiring some younger doctors to see things differently.

With help from our supporters, even communities deeply scarred by the culture of death can turn around. When you convert leaders like Alyona, they become a force for good in their part of the world.

Thanks to our generous donors, communities like Alyona’s all over the world are learning to trust God and embrace life.

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