Pro-life Education Program Saves Lives in India

See how three mothers’ minds changed when they learned the truth about life and family.

Anti-lifers want you to think that every abortion is an informed choice.

Our missionaries know this is far from the truth. Fr. Alex of HLI India meets women all the time who think they want abortion or contraception. But they have no idea what the consequences might be.

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HLI Missionaries save lives by teaching young moms about the humanity of their pre-born children.

That is why there is such a great need for pro-life education programs. When it’s about life and family issues education, quite literally, saves lives.

The goal is always to bring families to Christ. But sometimes a simple fact like “abortion can cause cancer,” is a good place to start. It can cause a mother to stop and think, opening her mind to the truth about life and family.

Let’s look at the impact of pro-life education on three women from Karwar, India (names are changed for privacy).

Noor: I want my baby

This mother wanted an abortion because she already had two children. She was taught that three is too many.

The doctors told her abortion was just removing a piece of flesh. Her view changed completely when your missionaries told her about the child in her womb.

They explained that a pre-born child is so much more than a piece of flesh. It’s her son or daughter, already alive and needing her love and care. They told her how so many women are hurting because they threw away this gift from God.

Noor’s response was simple: “I want my baby.”

Harini: I will never make such a mistake!

This young wife thought she was pregnant again too soon after her first child. She planned to abort the baby and get an IUD.

Your missionaries told her about the risk of infection and chronic bleeding from both procedures. She was surprised and said, “I will never do such a mistake!”

Harini still has more to learn about God’s plan for life and family. But this encounter with our pro-life education program made great progress. Her baby is safe. She is free from the sin of contraception. And she formed a relationship of trust with our missionary.

Aayana: I am open to life

Aayana was never going to have children. She thought pregnancy would ruin her beauty. So when she found herself with child, she wanted an abortion.

But she thought twice when our missionaries told her about the risk of breast cancer. Her mind began to change as she learned about the humanity of her child, and the violence of abortion.

Soon she started to think that a beautiful family could be even better than a beautiful body. Now she says, “I am open to life.”

Donors like You Make it all Possible

Evil likes to hide. The less we know about it, the more it can worm its way into our culture.

Thank you to all our donors for exposing the evil of abortion and contraception. You are saving children and helping families around the world live in the Truth.

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