Clinic Worker Quits Pushing Contraception Thanks to Pro-Life Talk in Zimbabwe

After her pro-life conversion, Viola went to work at a prenatal center and welcomed another child into her family.

Before our donors changed her life, Viola was an unwitting agent of the culture of death.

She was Catholic, but didn’t know contraception was wrong. She handed out condoms and injected women with Depo-Provera as part of her job at the city clinic.

That all changed when our missionary Veronica came to talk about Theology of the Body at her parish.

Viola’s Life Changed When She Learned the Truth about Contraception

When we taught Viola what contraception does to souls, marriages, and whole cultures, she realized she was supporting a great evil.

Our missionaries taught her how love, marriage, and family are supposed to work in a Culture of Life. And they showed her how saying “no” to God’s plan for life and family causes so much of the suffering in the world.

She knew she had to leave her job. It was poisoning her soul, her own marriage, and the lives of her patients.

She quit her job at the clinic and started a new one at a pro-life prenatal center.

Viola loved her new job. She loved seeing the happy faces of parents welcoming new life into the world. And she loved knowing that her work was helping to build a culture God would be proud of.

Her marriage was happier than ever. And with her and her husband open to life, she soon found that she was expecting another child of her own.

HLI Missionary was There to Help in an Emergency

Viola holding her new baby

After a talk our donors sponsored in Zimbabwe, Viola quit her job pushing contraception. Today she works at a prenatal center and just welcomed another child into her family.

Her new life came with challenges as well.

Viola’s husband works hard as a painter. He makes enough to support the basic needs of the family, and Viola’s salary covers extra expenses.

The prenatal center where she found her new job wasn’t as well funded as the clinic. Sometimes she didn’t get paid for months at a time. And one of those times came when she was about to give birth.

Viola went into labor when her husband was away. She couldn’t pay for an ambulance to take her to the hospital.

This could have turned into a crisis. But when we follow God’s plan, He always makes sure we have what we need.

Thanks to our donors Viola had a friend to help her: our missionary Veronica.

When she heard what was going on, Veronica rushed Viola to the hospital.

Her son Adrian was born safe and healthy.

Thank You, HLI Donors for Making Viola’s Conversion Possible!

This story began when our donors sponsored Veronica to teach Viola’s parish about God’s plan for life and family.

Thanks to them, there is one less clinic worker pushing depo shots and condoms. Instead, one more loving pro-lifer is helping families welcome children.

There is one more marriage ready to accept God’s greatest blessings. And there is one more child to help us build a pro-life culture on earth.

Thank you so much to all our donors for sharing the Gospel of Life with Viola. It made a lasting impact on her soul, her marriage, and her community.

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