WPATH Files Show Startling Truths About Transgenderism

Transgenderism is not strictly a “private issue” without any negative ramifications for anyone else. Some may try to claim that if someone chooses to “transition,” they are not “hurting anyone,” and therefore that person should be allowed to do so. But common sense tells us this is far from the truth. Such a radical and fundamental “change” to a person cannot occur in a vacuum; it affects everyone from friends and colleagues to family and children. And those effects can be devastating.

Walt Heyer is just one example of just how destructive transgenderism can be to a person’s life – and to the lives of loved ones. Walt recalls that, in order to be transgender, he had to “destroy” his old identity. As the NCBC reports, Walt had been married for many years with children. But after his transition, he divorced, stopped communication with his children, was fired from his engineering job, and became destitute. All of his significant relationships in life were damaged from his decision.

In medicine, doctors are instructed to help a patient who has a false self-image see reality. For instance, no competent doctor would affirm an anorexic in their false body image, nor would he agree with a patient who believes they are Abraham Lincoln. Why, then, is there an exception for transgenderism?

image showing the percentage of transgender people in the united states

It is true that those suffering from gender dysphoria have higher rates of suicidal ideation and attempts. But to truly love a person means to tell them the truth and to help them live in that truth. If they are suffering from suicidal ideation, they need counseling with an experienced therapist who can help guide them through the underlying cause and to give them a path forward towards healing. On the part of friends and family, instead of invasive and experimental surgeries, the person suffering from gender dysphoria is in distress and needs compassion, love, and true friendship. They need to know that they are loved unconditionally and that they have support from those closest to them as they work through this difficulty.

In the wake of an unprecedented rise in transgender-identifying youth, the cracks are beginning to show for those who support transgenderism.


The Shocking “WPATH Files”

Earlier this month, files were leaked from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) that showed that transgender “care” may not be as healthy and harmless as popularly believed.

WPATH is a non-profit organization comprised of various healthcare providers advocating for on-demand “gender-affirming care” and provides doctors materials to assist them in delivering so-called “care.”

In these leaked documents, it becomes clear that even those who most strongly advocate for transgender “care” can have serious doubts. WPATH clinicians expressed how many patients were not able to give informed consent as they were not developmentally able to understand what they were doing. Others had serious mental health illnesses. Yet, the clinicians still advocated for this “care,” despite their grave concerns.

Apparently, some parents don’t even understand the procedure, even once they have consented to it.

In a leaked Zoom call with WPATH members, one therapist said: “What really disturbs me is when the parents can’t tell me what they need to know about a medical intervention that apparently they signed off for.”

And many who go through transgender surgery – especially those who went through surgery at a young age – end up regretting it later on in life. Individuals who have had “bottom surgery” will be forever sterilized. Teenagers don’t know whether they will want kids later in life, and to allow them to take that option away forever is anything but “care” – it is simply cruel.

One healthcare provider on the leaked Zoom call had a tragic testimony: “I follow a lot of kids into their mid-twenties. I’m always like, ‘Oh, the dog isn’t doing it for you, right?’ They’re like, ‘No, I just found this wonderful partner and now we want kids.’”

The report that broke the news by Environmental Progress said it best: “The psychiatric condition of gender dysphoria is not a fatal illness, and the best available studies show that in the case of minors, with watchful waiting and compassionate support, most will either grow out of it or learn to manage their distress in ways less detrimental to their health.”

And yet, despite all these pitfalls, government agencies still insist on taking children away from parents who do not use their transgender child’s “preferred pronouns” or who will not consent to their minor child having “gender-affirming” surgery.


Transgender Regret

More and more, we are hearing the testimonies of “detransitioners” – those who have gone through some level of transgender surgery or hormone replacement and later began living as their God-given sex once again, sometimes due to regret over their initial rush into transgenderism.

Reuters interviewed 17 detransitioners who had transitioned as minors. All 17 had regret for some or all of their transition. Many said they realized they were homosexual, not transgender, some said that sexual abuse and trauma made them want to leave their gender, and many said that autism or another mental disorder made finding their identity as teenagers more complicated.

This is, tragically, the story of Chloe Cole, who had undiagnosed autism and sexual trauma at the time of her transition. Her trauma affected her body image, and she began hiding her chest. Chloe was a tomboy growing up, and this, combined with her undiagnosed autism, made her feel different than the other girls in her class. She felt she fit in better with the boys. At 13, she began using puberty blockers and testosterone, and at 15, she had a double mastectomy. It wasn’t long before she realized she would want to breastfeed one day and began to deeply regret her transition. She reverted to using her birth name and living as a woman again. Now, she speaks publicly against transgender “care” for minors and hopes that one day, she will be able to have children.

This is the great tragedy of transgender “care” for minors. Factors such as autism, body image issues, sexual trauma or abuse are ignored in favor of “affirming” one’s “identity,” stealing away children’s ability to have children or breastfeed in the future. Most children do not know whether they will want children in the future. Chloe was certain at the start of her transition that she would never want children – until just a few years later. Predatory healthcare “professionals” prey on vulnerable youth and stand to benefit from their transgender surgery, which can run from $6,000 to $63,000. Minors typically need a parent or guardian to consent on their behalf for medical procedures. Why, then, do we allow minors to determine whether they want to undergo an unnecessary and permanent procedure that will fundamentally alter the course of their lives?

Dr. Laura Edwards-Leepers, a member of WPATH, said in regard to transgender “care” for minors, “We cannot carry on in this field that involves permanently changing young people’s bodies if we don’t fully understand what we’re doing and learn from those we fail.”

While it is hopeful to hear a member of WPATH advocate for more restrictions and caution on transgender “care” for minors, it is critical to note that using puberty blockers to “transition” or undergoing transgender surgeries is always problematic and immoral. As the NCBC explains, blocking puberty in children with gender dysphoria is a dangerous and immoral practice as it disrupts the natural process of growth. “One cannot simply ‘reverse’ what has been done if the individual should change his or her mind.” Transgender surgery is a “nontherapeutic mutilation,” thereby making this procedure immoral and harmful to a person’s good.

Thanks to our generous donors, HLI is able to send missionaries all around the globe to fight against gender ideology.

Thanks to our generous donors, HLI is able to send missionaries all around the globe to fight against gender ideology.

Despite Dr. Edwards-Leepers caution, Dr. Bowers, president of WPATH, insists that patients (including minors) should take the responsibility for their medical decisions, including the decision to transition. Dr. Bowers claims that patients should not blame the clinicians or organizations that we are so often urged to trust blindly, that guilt the parents into thinking that if they don’t support their child’s transition, that their child will die of suicide. These are the same clinicians that preyed on these children’s vulnerability and pushed them along in a system designed to take advantage of their dysphoria, and yet, we should not place the blame on them, but upon the suffering minors, according to Dr. Bowers.


Individuals with Gender Dysphoria Need a Witness to Christ-Like Love

And yet, just as WPATH members admit major concerns and hesitations regarding transgender “care,” WPATH still advocates for its widespread availability, thereby subjecting vulnerable children to a largely experimental practice. But those who oppose this “care” are silenced. What a contradiction!

Instead of permanent life-altering hormones, blockers, or surgery, children suffering from gender dysphoria need compassion, love, gentleness, and to realize their identity in Christ, which is infinitely more beautiful and wonderful than any identity we make for ourselves. To be created by God – Who is love itself – in the Image and Likeness of God, made to share in His very Divinity for all eternity, and to be loved so deeply by Him that He suffered and died for us – what human pursuit could compare to that?

Let us pray for all those suffering from gender dysphoria, children and adults alike, that they may find peace, comfort, and healing in their true calling to God.

Marisa Cantu has an MS in political science and international affairs with a BA in political science and has also studied international studies and French. She has a strong background in nonprofit work, research, writing, and policy proposal and analysis.

In her free time, Marisa enjoys painting, writing, cooking, spending time with her husband and playing with her dog.

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