Living a Culture of Life Podcast

Contraception and IVF Are the Same Sin

November 24, 2023

Why are contraception and in vitro fertilization the same sin? Isn’t contraception anti-baby? And IVF is pro-baby? In today’s podcast episode, Fr. Boquet unpacks the relationship between contraception and IVF. Separating sex from babies always opposes God’s plan for sexuality.…

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Biology of How Men and Women Bond Differently

November 16, 2023

Is love chemistry? How do couples bond physically? And why does casual sex biologically harm relationships? Dr. Joe Malone is a Sexual Integrity Scientist. While studying the biological and chemical bonding process of men and women, he discovered that dating…

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Redemptive Suffering: Life is Valuable, Even When It Hurts

November 9, 2023

What do Catholics believe about redemptive suffering? And why should you care? Many people today believe it’s better to die or sin rather than suffer. They don’t understand why God allows suffering. False compassion often leads to euthanasia, abortion, and…

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Planned Parenthood’s Cultural Colonization of Malawi Hits a Roadblock

November 2, 2023

Does abstinence-based sex-ed work? Planned Parenthood says no. But Malawian schoolkids say “YES!” HLI visits schools in Malawi, encouraging schoolkids to live chastely and quit contraception. When Planned Parenthood tried to teach the same students about unchaste sexual education, the…

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Survivor’s Guilt and Generational Trauma in Siblings of Aborted Children

October 26, 2023

Do kids experience trauma when their siblings die from abortion? How does abortion affect adult siblings? Often, abortion is seen as a private choice. But this isn’t true. Abortion impacts everyone. Sometimes, pro-lifers discuss abortion’s psychological effect on moms. Even…

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How Films from Hollywood’s Golden Age Reveal God’s Plan for Sexuality

October 19, 2023

How can you teach teens about chastity and healthy relationships? And how can you inspire young people to embrace God’s plan for marriage? Ever since the Sexual Revolution, healthy relationships seem rare. Kids grow up thinking divorce is normal. Movies…

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Women Need Men to Step Up in the Pro-Life Movement

October 12, 2023

Should men have a say in abortion? And why should pro-lifers care about pornography? Jacob Tonglet from Men for Life joins us today to discuss men’s essential role in defending life. Abortion isn’t just a woman’s issue. It’s a human…

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How Every Family Can Pull Off Catholic Education

October 5, 2023

What is classical education? And why should you care? Parents want to give their children the best education. But in today’s cultural climate, options feel limited. Many public schools embrace anti-family agendas, indoctrinating kids with woke ideologies. So, what should…

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Not Reported: The ‘Why’ Behind Uganda’s 2023 Anti-LGBT Law

September 28, 2023

Did you hear about Uganda’s new law prohibiting homosexual actions? It’s one of the most extreme anti-gay laws in the world. For certain cases, such as rape, pedophilia, and knowingly spreading HIV, individuals can face the death penalty. The law…

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The Bloody History of Fetal Cell Research

September 21, 2023

What is fetal tissue used for? Is fetal cell research unavoidable? What can you do about it? Jose Trasancos from Children of God for Life joins us to discuss the deadly history of aborted fetal cell research in the medical,…

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