New Online Mission Saved Baby Hanna’s Life

HLI Hungary Reaches Hundreds of Mothers Monthly through an Abortion Q&A Site

Hainalka had a tough decision to make.

This young Hungarian woman was pregnant, and the baby’s father had left her. She worked hard in a factory every day to support herself and her year-old daughter, Dori.

When the baby came, she would need to take some time off, and that would mean losing her job. With no income, she and her children would be homeless. The only other option Hainalka could think of was abortion.

Unsure, Hainalka did what many young women would do. She looked for advice on the internet.

Thanks HLI Hungary, she found a way to keep her home and save her child’s life too.

HLI Missionaries Bring the Pro-Life Message Where it is Needed Most

Our pro-life programs are always tailored to the needs of the community. There is no cookie-cutter solution for everyone. Our missionaries are so effective because they meet people where they are. And more and more often, that means meeting them on the internet.

Hanna was in danger of abortion until you reached out to her mother through an online forum.

When Dr. Imre Téglásy of HLI Hungary heard about a popular abortion Q&A site, he knew he couldn’t miss this chance to bring your message of hope to the frightened mothers who visit it.

Most Hungarian women searching the internet for information on abortion wind up on this site. They post their stories and their questions and wait for others to post responses. Sometimes the answers give them courage and hope. Other times they are pushed further toward abortion.

Dr. Téglásy realized that, in the right hands, this site could be a powerful force for good. So he trained a team of volunteers to monitor the website and help the mothers there choose life.

Pregnancy Care Expands to 6 New Cities

These volunteers respond to questions on this site daily. They teach mothers the value of life and tell them the truth about the violence of abortion. Then they help them access the support they need, through pregnancy care centers like HLI Hungary.

Because this is an online forum, many mothers are too far away to access the support we offer in Budapest. So, Dr. Téglásy formed a network with pregnancy care centers in six cities around the country. Now our donors’ gifts benefit even more mothers as we send food and supplies all over Hungary.

But material goods are not the only way these centers help mothers choose life. If the mother chooses adoption, HLI Hungary connects her with an adoptive family for her child. They help support her through the pregnancy and give the child a home after the birth.

Hainalka’s case was a bit different. Angelika, the volunteer who connected with her, was able to raise some money for her on Facebook. It was enough to pay her rent until she could go back to work after the birth.

Our Donors Made this Happy Ending Possible!

To all our generous donors, THANK YOU for training volunteers to help mothers like Hainalka choose life! Thanks to you, she bore a healthy daughter four months ago. Her name is Hanna.

And that’s not all the good news! Hainalka has also begun a journey of spiritual renewal. She has learned a lot about the meaning of sexuality and the importance of marriage. God sent a faithful Christian man into her life, and they are planning to be married this summer!

This program has been a blessing for Hainalka, and hundreds of other women who receive the message of hope every month. Countless children have been saved from abortion.

Most often, we don’t find out how a mother’s story ended. We respond to her questions, offer guidance and encouragement, then hope and pray that she chooses life.

Some mothers do reach out, though. HLI Hungary gets about five letters a month from mothers saying thank you for helping them keep their child.

Our donors are helping families all over Hungary embrace life.

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