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Priest Training Impacts Youth in Peru

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With tools from HLI training, Fr. Chumpén is bringing young people to Christ.

During his five years of priesthood, Fr. Chumpén has met young people with a host of spiritual wounds.

Your priest training program empowered Fr. Chumpén to guide young people ontothe right path.

Some come from abusive homes. Some are grieving a son or daughter they aborted or struggling with homosexuality. Others are just trying to find their way in the world with little help from absent parents.

Fr. Chumpén does his best to build up their families and lead them to Christ. But like most priests, he didn’t receive any special training on these issues in the seminary.

Sometimes he felt like he was in over his head.

That all changed when you sponsored a training program for priests in Fr. Chumpén’s city.

Pro-Life Training Made Fr. Chumpén a Stronger Priest!

HLI missionary Nancy Tosi taught Fr. Chumpén and his brother priests how they can better serve the youth. They learned practical ways to build stronger families, promote chastity, and heal wounded souls.

As Fr. Chumpén says,

“The training has helped me understand the situation of young people. I have learned to listen without judgement to their stories and speak to them as a friend.

This has opened my eyes to the pain of the human being living in the culture of death. Now I know how to help them heal the wounds, forgive the aggressors, and embark on a path of holiness.”

The culture of death attacks the youth more vigorously every year. Priests around the world need help adapting their tactics to address an evolving set of issues.

Our donors are making that possible.

Priest Training is Changing the World

Fr. Chumpén would like to thank our donors for helping him meet the needs of his parish.

HLI trains thousands of priests and seminarians like him every year. Through them, we reach young people, parents, local leaders, and many others.

Priests we’ve trained in the past are out there today, healing injured souls all over the world.

Thank you to all our donors for blessing the world with this host of pro-life leaders.

There is no way to count how many lives and souls we save by training just one priest. But this much is certain: the world is a better place today because of the support our donors give them.

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