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Mayelin Welcomes New Life and Heals Old Wounds

Through HLI Dominican Republic, this mom found a way to keep her baby and change her life.

“Even though I thought it was a cluster of cells, I knew something was wrong in my heart, inside me. I could not find the face of the baby, but I cried that day.”

It was heartbreaking to listen as Mayelin remembered her abortion.

She was 16. Her mother said she would not let Mayelin “burden” the family with a baby. The doctor dehumanized the child, saying it was just a blob of cells, or at most a hunk of meat with blood. Sadly, Mayelin agreed to the abortion.

The pain and bleeding frightened her. And when it was all over, she knew she’d made a terrible mistake.

The abortion haunted Mayelin, but it didn’t help her change her lifestyle. A few years later, she was pregnant again.

But this time was different. Mayelin had help.

HLI Pregnancy Centers Care for Both Mother and Child

Mayelin saw a Facebook post from HLI’s pregnancy care center in the Dominican Republic. Thinking it must be a sign from God, she reached out for help.

Our donors gave Mayelin pre-natal care and taught her the value of her son’s life and her own. Here she and Dr. Michel hold Yendry’s first portrait.

Our missionaries welcomed her with open arms.

They offered Mayelin the medical and spiritual support she needed.

First, they took her to see the OBGYN at your pregnancy care center. He made sure Mayelin had a safe pregnancy in spite of some risk factors caused by her abortion.

They listened to the baby’s heartbeat and put his first sonogram image in a portrait frame. This helped Mayelin think of him as her child.

Then they taught Mayelin the Gospel of Life. When she learned about God’s love for her first child, she thought He could never forgive what she had done.

But the knowledge that God loves her just as much gave her hope. She turned to the sacraments, and her soul began to heal.

Now Mayelin and Her Son are Thriving

Mayelin’s son Yendry was born safely and welcomed into this world by his mother. HLI set her up with diapers, clothes, blankets and other supplies she would need to care for him.

But there was one problem yet to solve. Mayelin needed a way to support herself and her son.

Our missionaries helped her start her own small business selling children’s clothing online. Now she and Yendry are living in their own little apartment and getting along fine.

Our donors saved Yendry’s life. But what they did for Mayelin is even more amazing. They brought her to the Church, helped her find healing, and showed her how to change her lifestyle.

Today, she is a happy mother who understands her own dignity, and the value of every child’s life.

Thanks to all our donors for making this happy ending possible.

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