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Pro-life Conference Inspired Tarence to Become a Priest!

Pro-life Conference Inspired Tarence to Become a Priest!

HLI Malaysia taught this young man the value of life. Now he wants to do the same for others.

The Asia Pacific Conference was the turning point for Tarence’s vocation.

His faith life had been on an upward spiral since HLI Malaysia started visiting his high school.

Just a few years ago he was sliding into the anti-life trap.

Tarence didn’t know the value of his own life or the strength of God’s love for him. He suffered from low self-worth.

So many voices screamed lies into his ears. They said contraception is an “equalizer,” euthanasia is “healthcare,” and abortion is a “human right.” Tarence believed them and slipped a bit further from God every day.

The Gospel of Life Gave Tarence Faith in Christ

Tarence’s life started to change when he met our missionary Dorothea. She taught him and many of his school mates about the dignity of human life and marriage.

Gradually, Tarence’s view of life issues started to change. And his faith life changed with it.

He became a dedicated Catholic, a confident young man, and a joyful pro-life witness. When Dorothea brought a group of young people to the Asia Pacific conference, Tarence was eager to go.

It was there that he heard the call to the priesthood.

Tarence Discovered his Vocation at The Asia Pacific Conference

Between talks Tarence met dozens of pro-life leaders who are changing their communities. Many of them were priests and religious men and women.

They inspired Tarence to devote himself to pro-life work. He said, “I realized this was the most important thing I could do. And I could do it so much more effectively as a priest!”

The more Tarence thought and prayed the more he felt sure of his priestly vocation. When he returned home, he joined the seminary.

Tarence Wants to Bring the Pro-Life Message to More Young People

HLI donors played an essential role in helping Tarence find his vocation.

Their gifts brought people into his life who prepared his mind and heart to answer God’s call. And they sponsored the event that showed him how he could make an impact as a priest.

Now Tarence wants to use his vocation to bring young people to the Culture of Life like we did for him.

One of his dreams is to start an Asia Pacific conference for youth: “there are so many young people just like I was, wanting to live in the Truth but with no one to show them how. We need a pro-life conference just for them.”

A youth conference isn’t in the budget right now. But with help from pro-lifers like you, this dream and many others can become realities.

Thanks so much to all our donors for making Tarence’s conversion possible! He and countless other young people are living in the Culture of Life today because of you.

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