HLI Missionary Turned Celina into a Powerful Pro-Life Voice on the Radio

This Catholic radio show in Mexico avoided human life issues until Celina met our missionary.

At HLI we take our donors’ trust very seriously.

Celina is now defending life and family on her radio program thanks to a visit from HLI missionary Luis Martinez.

Our goal is to make sure their gifts have the greatest possible impact. That’s why we bring the message of life to community leaders. They take the light of truth and hang it high on a lamp stand for all to see.

Celina Lopez from Mexico is one such leader.

Celina hosts a Catholic radio program. She covers many important topics, but life and family issues were never a part of her programming. That changed when she brought one of our missionaries on the show.

Celina wanted to host a show on voting as a Catholic in Mexico. She invited HLI missionary Luis Martinez to be her guest because of his strong legal background.

Luis took the conversation in a direction that Celina did not see coming.

Showing Catholic Voters how to Roll Back Abortion

Luis used his airtime to teach Celina’s listeners that human life issues should be a Catholic voter’s top priority.

Crimes like abortion and euthanasia must be nipped in the bud or a nation will quickly lose its soul.

Mexico is traditionally a pro-life country, but there are cracks in the foundation. In most states, abortion is still heavily restricted. But in a few cities, it’s available and legal in many circumstances.

Euthanasia is not far behind. Mexico City legalized the direct killing of terminally ill patients in 2017. The laws have only grown worse since then.

Luis taught that Catholics must support candidates who respect human life at every stage.

Many countries went too far down this evil road before pro-lifers realized the danger. With our donors’ help, Mexico doesn’t have to be one of them.

Celina’s Radio Program is Now Pro-Life!

We can hope and trust that many of Celina’s listeners took Luis’s message to heart. But even better, Celina changed her view of what it means to be a Catholic in today’s culture.

She learned that defending life and family is a central part of everyone’s duty. And she is going to carry that lesson forward in her future shows.

Celina’s Catholic radio program is now a pro-life Catholic radio program.

It was our donors who made this change possible.

Their support for Luis brought the light of the Gospel of Life to Celina. And because Celina put that light high on a lampstand, many will see it and be changed.

Thank you to all our donors for helping the people of Mexico stand up against abortion in their country!

The impact multiplies every day when they make new pro-life leaders like Celina.

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