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Malawi’s Secret Abortion Bill Exposed

Malawi is safe this year. But we need to be proactive to protect this country long-term.

The pro-aborts are up to their old tricks in Malawi. But thanks to our donors, they didn’t get far.

This summer, Fr. Zikomankhani of HLI Malawi was surprised to see an abortion bill up for discussion.

This is the same bill our donors helped stop last year. But this time lawmakers brought it forward secretly. Catholics in parliament told Fr. Z. that the bill’s supporters got huge bribes from pro-abortion groups.

HLI Helped Malawians Stop this Evil Bill

Fr. Z being interviewed for a TV program

Fr. Z. fought the Malawi abortion bill through Catholic TV and radio programs. Our donors’ gifts made this work possible.

Fr. Z. got to work right away rallying pro-lifers in parliament and the Malawian people. With support from our donors, he built strong opposition to the bill through Radio and TV programs.

This strategy still works, but it’s getting more and more difficult.

Pro-abortion groups paid some networks not to run any pro-life material. On others they bought up the airtime, driving prices out of our budget range.

Thanks be to God, the Catholic networks in Malawi did not accept any of their blood money. And they have a long reach. The pro-life message made a serious impact through these channels.

After Fr. Z. started talking about the bill, Malawians shouted for parliament to drop it. Lawmakers listened, and the abortion bill died before reaching the discussion stage.

Thanks to all our donors for making this victory possible!

The Plan to Keep Pre-born Malawians Safe Long-term

The impact through the Catholic stations did the trick this time, but the pro-aborts aren’t giving up. They’ll be back next year with another scheme.

With your pro-active support now, we can be ready for them.

We don’t have to outspend the anti-lifers on media sprints. The solution is consistent personal pro-life education all over Malawi. To accomplish that, we need your support.

You can stop abortion by teaching Malawians the truth about life and family.

A pre-born child is as human as you and me. Contraception leads to sickness and misery. Chastity is key to a happy marriage. Malawians who know these truths will never accept abortion in their country.

Spreading this message all over Malawi is possible. In fact, it’s already happening.

Our donors are training priests, religious men and women, teachers, parents, and other leaders to spread the pro-life message. And young Malawians are hearing it at home, at school, and in church.

But to stay ahead of the pro-aborts we need to step up our efforts. And you can help.

Our donors made it possible to stop abortion from spreading in Malawi this year. And with your support, pre-born Malawians will be safe for years to come.

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