French Transgender Bill May Ban Transitions Before 18

French senators published a report on child gender transition which found the practice “one of the greatest ethical scandals in the history of medicine.” This report was to determine whether medically transitioning minors was good medical practice. It details abuses performed by “indoctrinated” medical professionals who, the report says, are too heavily influenced by gender ideology and activists. The report says that such activists have pushed this abuse of minors through social media, thereby influencing medical professionals to commit such abuses.

After this report was published, French senators announced that they are going to propose a bill that would ban medical gender transition before 18. Two professionals – a psychologist and a psychiatrist – attested in the parliamentary inquiry report that the overwhelming majority of children with supposed gender dysphoria had other issues, such as being drop-outs, having depression, attempting suicide, or having been harassed. The report also found that girls comprised 80% of the requests for medical transition.

The European Conservative notes that these findings align with what British experts found during the Tavistock clinic scandal. David Bell, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, “…observed that a third of the children passing through Tavistock suffered from autistic disorders, and many were victims of family violence” (emphasis added). But gender activists insist on pushing an irreversible and highly damaging procedure on minors without addressing any other issues, with the presumption that this abusive medical procedure will “cure” all other ills.

And yet, studies have shown that, if children who identify as transgender are left alone, they most likely will grow out of it by adulthood and will accept their biological sex. How, then, is transitioning minors ever considered ethical? And can we truly claim that the regret rate is minimal? Yet, parents are often being told that, if they do not let their child transition, that that child will commit suicide – though the data refutes this wild claim. And so, children are pushed through the system and manipulated into thinking transitioning will solve their problems, and parents are taken advantage of and lied to, so they go along with the procedure.

quotation on gender dysphoria

Yet, French citizens are protesting this bill, decrying it as an “offensive” against “trans rights.” At the protest, there was an older couple who had come in hopes of finding their 27-year-old child who disappeared after a transition. The couple was “traumatized and devastated,” not having seen their child since the transition. This couple, tragically, stands as one of many testaments to the brokenness that the transgender madness leaves in its wake.

After putting abortion in the French Constitution in March, let us pray that French senators return to their senses and put an end to the insanity and bullying of the transgender ideology. This bill will only be the first step to opening the public’s eye to the horrors that gender ideology and trans activists have brought upon society and to the lies we are not allowed to speak against.

Marisa Cantu has an MS in political science and international affairs and a BA in political science. She has also studied international studies and French. She has a strong background in nonprofit work, research, writing, and policy proposal and analysis.

In her free time, Marisa enjoys painting, writing, cooking, and spending time with her husband.

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