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Living God’s Unselfish Love

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but since many of us are still enjoying the candy, the beautiful flowers, and the other fun gifts bestowed upon us by our significant others, it seems only fitting to examine what love truly is. The Ancient Greeks had several words for the different [...]

Time for the Trump Administration to Formally Rescind NSSM 200

Revoke NSSM 200 and Apologize for the Evil Done Last week I wrote about the admirable work that the Trump administration is doing to promote the pro-life cause at the international level. It is extremely encouraging to see administration officials forming coalitions with other pro-life nations, in order to push [...]

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Trump’s Leadership in the International Fight for Life

Pro-life leaders everywhere agree that the sheer amount of pro-life activity undertaken by the Trump administration has far exceeded all expectations. However, what I find remarkable is that this activity includes initiatives that won’t grab big headlines in the media, but that are having a dramatically positive impact on the [...]

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Assisted Suicide and the Macabre ‘Logic’ of the Culture of Death

The Deadly Connection Between the Moral Issues and the Culture of Death Even many people in the pro-life and pro-family movements do not fully appreciate the deep threads that tie together many seemingly disparate social issues. Contraception, abortion, euthanasia, divorce, pornography, same-sex “marriage”, and gender ideology (to name some of [...]

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Trump’s Historic Speech at the March for Life

“The Most Pro-Life President in History?”  When Donald Trump first announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination in 2015, there were few pro-life leaders who were excited about the thought of a President Donald Trump. Most knew Trump as a life-long “pro-choice” New York liberal, a flamboyant and sometimes-cutthroat [...]

Look Me in the Eye Film Debuts at March for Life, Features HLI Abortion Survivor

EMBARGOED TILL  NOON TODAY, January 24, 2020 HLI: Deborah M. Piroch 205-567-3270 Lyric Gillett 832.370.0105   (Front Royal, VA) -  Human Life International (HLI) would like to congratulate Ms. Lyric Gillett and on her brilliant new ad, which premieres today at the March for Life in [...]

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HLI Joins Growing Pro-Life March in Chicago

Human Life International (HLI) was proud to support the Chicago March for Life this year, the nation’s largest pro-life event in the Midwest. An estimated 9,000 participated in this year’s March, according to its Board President Dawn Fitzpatrick. This year’s theme: “Life Empowers!” Credit: March for Life Chicago 2020 [...]

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Michelle Williams’ Speech and the Challenge We Face

In a few days, hundreds of thousands of pro-life Americans will converge on Washington, San Francisco, and other cities across the country to march in support of the right to life of the unborn. The theme of this year’s March for Life in Washington is “Life Empowers: Pro-Life is Pro-Woman.” [...]