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Impact of HLI’s Pro-Life Missions

Many communities around the world are turning to HLI’s pro-life missionaries – women and men with significant experience in developing strategies to confront the Culture of Death and laying the groundwork for a Culture of Life. Together they discuss how “safe sex” leads to the wide use of contraception, which inevitably [...]

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Over 8,000 Rally Against Anti-Life Propaganda in Uganda

AMURIA, Uganda -- Like the rest of Africa, Uganda has been besieged by outside forces relentlessly pressuring governments to embrace anti-life and anti-family policies. The angle is always the same: improving “reproductive health,” including abortion and contraception, will liberate women and encourage growth and prosperity in the developing world. To fight [...]

HLI Tanzania: Model for Pro-Life Action

Once you attack children, you attack the nation . . . . We don’t need condoms. We don’t need contraception. We don’t need abortion. – Emil Hagamu, director of English-speaking Africa for Human Life International   Emil Hagamu is one of millions of Africans who increasingly wonder what wealthy Western [...]

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Confronting Population Control in “The Kingdom in the Sky”

Lesotho, a small African nation about the size of Maryland and completely surrounded by the country of South Africa, is known as "The Kingdom in the Sky" for its high elevation and mountainous terrain. Like its beautiful landscape, the population was at one time sky-high with Basotho (the plural name [...]

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